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Welcome to the Wendy James Vocal & Piano Studio!

James03Whether you are interested in a career in music or just looking to improve your personal singing experience, Wendy James Vocal Studio is an excellent studio choice.   Based on a her broad range of experiences, thousands of stage appearances, her education, work with other professional singers and her skills with genres of music listed below*, Wendy is able to adapt quickly to the many different stylistic approaches to singing while building firm technical foundations based on her  “Seven Steps to Simply Singing” vocal method.

See Wendy’s complete Bio here.

Wendy is a strong teacher and enjoys tailoring each lesson to individual differences and learning styles.  She prizes and celebrates a student’s finding his or her own individual voice, unique sound, genre and style.

Wendy is known for her ability to “cross-train” singers in a wide range of genre, so that the student is prepared for a variety of styles based on a foundation of beautiful tone. She teaches classic as well as belting technique.

Many of Wendy’s students have gone on to be music educators, receive highest marks in Sole & Ensemble contests, to sing in groups and perform solos in churches and to tour with groups and bands.  Many have gone to become strong worship leaders and others to land parts in Broadway and musical theatre productions. Her expansive knowledge of repertoire and broad stage experiences through concerts and lead/various musical roles translates to helping students have an edge in auditioning for theater, university entrance and professional engagements.  She has a strong student retention and success record because she deeply cares about each learner and it is evident to all that she has a gifted, unique ability communicate the elements of fine singing to a wide range of people from children to adults.

Wendy makes singing FUN! and although she expects a lot of hard work, she supports you and encourages you all the way.  If a student commits to and follows through with consistent practice, he or she will typically see a life-long return on his or her investment.

Your first lesson is always complimentary, giving you and Wendy a chance to meet and for her to hear you sing and give an honest assessments of your strengths as well as to discuss an approach to learning going forward.  At that time she will also give you an outline of studio policies and tuition fees.  If both you and Wendy feel it’s a good fit, as early as the following week you could be on your way to heading down a new, exciting and enlightening path to finding your true potential as a singer.
The following are examples of the events and genres Wendy has experienced:

  • Any song we look up on Internet (decent lyrics, please! J)
  • American Idol/ The Voice Auditions
  • Band Vocals (Lead and harmony)
  • Children’s Musical Theater
  • Choirs and Choir Solos (and harmony parts SATB)
  • Church Solos
  • Coffee Shop/Guitarrepertoire (although I do play guitar, at this time I do not choose to teach it.  However, you may want to work up songs and bring in your guitar to play as you sing.  Often the vocalist who accompanies his or her self needs help to isolate and improve the voice in relation to the instrument).
  • How to Speak/Preach with proper vocal production/technique (for those who loose their voice easily, speak too softly, have tension in the throat, etc.)
  • Karaoke (wow your friends – surprise them!)
  • Musical Theatre Auditions
  • Prepping for Weddings, Funerals, Graduation, Senior Song
  • Scholarship Auditions
  • Solo and Ensemble Festival
  • Songwriting
  • The Star Spangled Banner
  • Standard preparation for a University major in Music or Musical Theater(see Piano as well)
  • Studio Vocal Preparation (solo, BGV’s, jingles, etc.)
  • Stage Presence
  • Transposition of songs to a singable key
  • University auditions/Proficiencies
  • Worship Leading (lead and harmony)
  • And Much More…

Musical Genres Wendy has performed and taught:

  • Art Songs
  • Broadway
  • Classical (including languages:  English, Latin, Italian, German and French)
  • Country
  • Disney
  • Gospel (also Gospel ad libs)
  • Gershwin
  • Hymns
  • Jazz,
  • Messiah
  • Opera
  • Pop (also Pop ad libs)
  • Praise and Worship
  • Rock
  • Standards
  • Sacred
  • And much more…

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