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“Your communication skills are one in a million.” – Pastor Jeff Pound.

Hello, this is Wendy!  I’d like to give you some of my thoughts about how I teach and work with you.

Over my years as a teacherIMG_9181, I’ve jotted hundreds of notes and compiled research on the voice. As a result of my extensive study and live singing career, I have identified seven major steps that are common to all singers that are key to unlocking the secrets of the voice and am currently finishing a book about the process entitled, “Seven Steps to Simply Singing©.”  These practical steps are assimilated into my private lessons and students very typically find quick answers to perplexing questions of the “How To’s” about singing.  In boiling the basics down, and quickly dealing with quality and tone issues more easily, it leaves us more time to do what you came in for – to sing!

Voice students meet weekly for 30 minute or 1 hour sessions.

The first lesson is always free – I assess where you are and how best to teach you, and you get to make sure that I’m a good fit.

How we structure your lessons depends on your goals and many other factors – the possibilities are endless.  However, here are two examples of lesson tracks I have created:

1.    Classic Vocal Instruction:  Preparation for lifetime of serious singing, including classical, jazz, pop, rock, Disney, standards, Broadway, etc., with access to any music out today via the Internet and YouTube,  iTunes, etc.  Only “clean” lyrics, please.  Prep for upcoming school, solo and ensemble, auditions for musicals, talent shows and so on is greatly encouraged.  Bring in everything you want to sing.

2.    Christian Music and Worship Vocal Instruction:  Emphasis on preparation for lifetime of service and singing:  Includes all of the Classic track but with emphasis on lead soloist and harmonic praise and worship for the modern worship band, as well as preparation as a soloist using broad history of Christian Standards and psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.  Emphasis on how the voice and the Bible parallel and biblical worship.  Songwriting and personal worship expressions greatly encouraged.  Use of media to get your song out on You-tube, also encouraged.  Use of piano and guitar greatly encouraged with this track.  This track will encourage placement of student in worship band, small ensembles to sing in church settings and solo settings as the student becomes ready.  Bring in everything you want to sing.


Regardless of your unique track, we can cover a wide variety of musical styles including songs you bring in.  We can tailor the lessons to your individual needs while making sure we cover the classics in order to build a wonderful, rich repertoire of songs.  If you have particular needs and concerns please let me know as we can work toward upcoming auditions, solos, ensembles, shows and choral pieces as events unfold.  If you are aware of a certain song you would like to sing, just bring in a hard copy of the piece (not absolutely necessary, but definitely useful) and in some instances, depending on the song, knowledge of a source of the recorded version of it is helpful from places such as YouTube, iTunes, etc.

Parents are more than welcome to sit in on the lessons or relax in our comfortable waiting area just outside the studio.  You can still hear what is going on.  We have Wi-Fi available as well.

We utilize the Internet and the studio includes a state-of-the-art keyboard, a baby grand piano, excellent recording equipment and other fun tools to help.

I also teach piano, specializing in non-piano music majors who need the to pass piano proficiencies. Many students take both voice and/or piano.  Please see the “Crash Piano” tab for more information.

Many area events for young musicians are opportunities for growth and participation in live events is encouraged and essential.  If it’s your goal, we want to ultimately use the voice in live performance often to gain experience in front of an audience.  The skills you learn in a concert or solo setting are strengthening your ability not only in music and performance, but will give you greater confidence in other areas of your life.  I specialize in preparing students for such events and encourage them to bring in music that they will be responsible for performing in the future.

With practice comes MUCH progress.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Me.

See my complete Bio here.

Thank you!  I’m excited to work with you to help you advance your musical goals!



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