“Crash” Piano Course – to get you playing right away!

IMG_9196Wendy also offers a piano course based on the Alfred Adult Piano Course books 1-3 and Scales, Chords and Arpeggios.  Originally designed for adults, Wendy has taught many students of various ages to quickly grasp the fundamental theory of piano and translating that to playing advanced beginner and early intermediate pieces within a few months of beginning piano.  She teaches how to play chords in correct inversions so that the student may almost immediately enjoy playing lead sheets (the type universally played by musicians everywhere such as in worship bands, pop bands, etc).

This course has been successfully completed by students entering their Freshman year of college as a music major and is a path to passing the Piano Proficiency requirement. This is the same course offered by Ohio State and OSU Newark that is required by incoming students who enter without a piano background and who must eventually pass the Proficiency in order to obtain an Ohio Music Teacher K-12 License.  If taken there, it is usually offered in a room with many students and keyboards and less individual attention  – at a much higher cost.  Although Wendy’s course is not for credit, with adequate practice,  the student could avoid taking the course his or her Freshman year and simply pass the test, thereby saving time and tuition in college.  It is very challenging to gain the piano skills to pass the proficiency while keeping a full class load. If you have no training and are starting cold, it is even harder.  This is an excellent preparatory course for any incoming university freshman music major and should be started as early as possible for maximum benefit.

This “crash” course is also great for any age for people who would like to:

  1. Quickly learn to play for fun & enjoyment for life but not be a concert pianist.
  2. Play in a worship band or lead worship from the keyboard.

Younger students (even as young as 6th grade) are using the course and making very fast progress.IMG_9227

Wendy’s piano sessions teach folks the ways she wishes she had been taught.

Each week students enjoy their lesson on a beautiful baby grand.

If a student is interested in a career in piano or in becoming a concert pianist, she has other teachers who she will recommend who specialize in those extremely technical areas.

Bottom Line: This course is purely for the musician who will need to play to survive, get through college and for the student who wants a lifetime of playing but not concert piano prep.   She cuts to the chase and boils down the essentials.

Many students are taking both vocal and piano lessons, or just piano.

Give Wendy a call or message if you would like to learn more!
Cell: 740-644-1703
Or contact her here!



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